TRANSCOOL 2019 12v / 24v / 240v AIR COOLING UNIT caravan motorhome boat dogs
TRANSCOOL 2019 12v / 24v / 240v AIR COOLING UNIT caravan motorhome boat dogs
TRANSCOOL 2019 12v / 24v / 240v AIR COOLING UNIT caravan motorhome boat dogs
TRANSCOOL 2019 12v / 24v / 240v AIR COOLING UNIT caravan motorhome boat dogs
TRANSCOOL 2019 12v / 24v / 240v AIR COOLING UNIT caravan motorhome boat dogs

TRANSCOOL 2019 12v / 24v / 240v AIR COOLING UNIT caravan motorhome boat dogs

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The TRANSCOOL EC3 PLUS (2019 model) evaporative air conditioning unit is lightweight, compact and energy efficient.

Following is included in price:

1) FREE replacement cooling pad    2) FREE external 5 litre water tank

3) FREE carry/storage bag               4) FREE mains transformer for use at home

CLEANFLEX EXTENDABLE FLEXIBLE DUCTING KIT (2) that fits on to the vents and extend are also available (extra cost) which are ideal for cooling pets so they are away from the main unit, price on application, please call for details.


Environmentally friendly option which can be used with or without tap water.

ICE can be added to create a cooler breeze.

Can be used when stationary or on the move with its 12v and 24v connector

The TRANSCOOL unit features a variable fan speed between 'OFF' and 'HIGH' and everything in between.

Low battery cut out.

NEW 4 directional VENTS for increased air coverage (others offer the outdated 2 vent models).

NEW soft fan mounts for a quieter operation.

Size: 22 x 25 x 22cm      Dry weight: 1.5 kgs


Low speed         0.7 amps / 8 watts per hour

Medium speed   1.3 amps / 16 watts per hour

High speed        1.7 amps / 21 watts per hour

24-month warranty (does not include external 5L water tank or cooling pads)

CE certified to comply with European safety standards.

What it will not do:

Transcool (or any other 12v evaporative cooler) will not necessarily cool down an entire room to 'x' degrees like a refrigerated split system air conditioner that requires mains power electricity or engine driven compressors to operate.


How cold will the Transcool 12 volt - 24-volt air cooler make my cabin or room?

The Transcool is a small evaporative cooling unit that is totally portable.

Transcool is simply assist in blowing a cool breeze over the user whilst in front of the unit

It is a personal spot cooler delivering a cool breeze effectively at a range of up to 2-3 metres distance.

The Transcool (or any other brand 12-volt evaporative cooler) will not cool down an entire room, caravan, car or boat to a set temperature, this is where a mains electricity refrigerated air conditioning unit is required.

Will the Transcool Portable air cooler cool my room or vehicle like a built in air conditioner?

Quite simply-No!

A refrigerated air conditioning system is hard to beat, but useless without 240v electricity!

A refrigerated air conditioning system has many complex and expensive components. These systems require many permanently fitted parts such as a compressor, condenser and evaporator, and refrigerant gas to cool air.  A vehicle or household air conditioner requires immense power to drive.

If you absolutely need a vehicle with air conditioner then repair or replace yours!

If these options are not possible, then Transcool will help provide relief from the heat.

Evaporative cooling performance can differ depending on various conditions such as ambient temperature and humidity, but test results show that Transcool can deliver air temperatures up to 45% cooler (at the vent) than the ambient air temperature just using water at room temperature!

Temperatures at up to 50% cooler than ambient (at the vent) can be achieved using ice water.

Test results taken on a 40°(C) day with humidity at 12% showed a vent temperature at 21°(C) using just water at room temperature.

For an example of effectiveness, think of a standard fan on a hot day.

The air streamed at you feels cooler, even though the air is technically at ambient room temperature.

It feels 'cooler' because it is moving!

Transcool combines this factor, along with cooled air from it's super effective evaporative cooling pad to provide you with crisp cool air that simply feels like- HEAVEN!

The following are brief examples of the differences between air conditioner and evaporative cooling:

For maximum efficiency, you must allow proper ventilation when using an evaporative cooler and allow fresh air to the unit, whereas you can re-circulate air cooled by an air conditioner in an enclosed environment. 

An air conditioner operating in an enclosed environment, can lead to air becoming stale?

You must dispose of excess water accumulated by an air conditioner. There is no excess water accumulated by an evaporative cooler.

Condensation with use of Transcool is not an issue

Refrigerated air conditioning is much more expensive! 

How long will the water last?  

Water usage with evaporative cooling varies on fan speed and ambient air temperature.

Under most conditions Transcool's internal 1.8 litre supply will last all night on 'low' speed - adequate for cool air while you're sleeping!

The great news is that no damage will result if you run the Transcool out of water during use!

Transcool can be used without water in areas of high humidity, you can even add ice!

The EC3 is also supplied with an external 5 litre tank for extended periods of use. The clear external tank features an ON/OFF tap and connects to the unit via hose.

The Transcool EC3 uses an internal float system that automatically maintains the correct water level when using the external tank.

Using the external tank in conjunction with Transcool enables around 24 hrs of use.

Transcool features a transparent water window to display level.

How long will my battery last?

Transcool only uses a maximum of 1.7 amps per hour  (on high speed)

This equals hours of cooling comfort - even without your vehicle running

You will generally find 'low' fan speed (0.7amps) more than adequate for sleeping.

Results below show fan operation times using a fully charged 12v100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate deep cycle battery.

LOW SPEED -        157 Hours

HIGH SPEED -        52 Hours

How much noise?

The sound level produced by the Transcool Evaporative air cooler is even quieter than that of a car air conditioner/heater fan. This ranges from 46db (low fan speed) to 59db (maximum fan speed) at 1 metre. The tone Transcool produces is a relaxing, steady weary drone- perfect to help dilute any annoying outside noises. 

The Transcool evaporative air cooler can be used in nearly any environment and vehicle!

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