SIT ON TOP KAYAK - ADULT and CHILD (SF-2002) - RED canoe water sports joey

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Product information

This super stable sit on top kayak was designed for fun-loving paddlers from kids to adults.
l Designed with dual seats for an adult + kid,with a carrying capacity of up to 125 kg / 275 kg lbs total.
l Ideal platform for solo snorkel, scuba and skin divers.
l Super light weight at 16.6 kg / 37 lbs, with molded in carrying handles.
l Wider width makes it stable and safe. The T-shape handle gives the feeling of control for kids on board.
l It comes with an adjustable padded backrest. Great amount of storage in the rear with bungee cord, and additional ample storage forward if paddling

Weight: 37lbs
Capacity: 275.6lbs
Hull Material: High Density Polyethylene

Technical specifications

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