Mini Real-Time Magnet GPS/GSM/GPRS Car Vehicle Tracker Personal Tracking Device

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GSM/ GPRS / GPS Tracker

Global Smallest GPS Tracking Device

This Accurate GPS satellite GPS Tracker will track anyone you like, be it a family member, partner, your vehicle, pet or your children. So small it can be discreetly hidden in a bag or pocket. It comes with 2 Back plates one plastic cover and one with a magnetic backing so it can alsobe used to fit easily and quickly to the bottom of a car, fully waterproof.

Great for hikers or mountain climbers with its waterproof carry bag with beltclip for extra security. In all SMS reports you will receive a link to GoogleMaps so you can pinpoint the location.

  • Single Locating – If there is no authorized number, when anynumber dials up the unit, it will report a Geo-info; If there is already an authorized number, then it will not respond when an unauthorized number callsit up. When an authorized number dials it up the unit will hang up and report areal-time Geo-info.
  • Auto Track – Send and SMS command to the tracker device andit will report the Geo-info at 30s intervals for 5 times. Another code willsend a SMS reply of the Geo-info continuously at 30s intervals until cancelled.(all codes are in the instructions)
  • Absolute Street Address – Send SMS to the trackeraddress+password and it will reply giving you the exact address where the device is including Number, street name, town, county and postcode.
  • GPS Drift Suppression – The GPS data will stop if the vehicle is not moving and latitude and longitude always keep the same, and theGPS data updates automatically when the vehicle is moving again.
  • Location Based Service – When the tracker device doesn’treceive valid GPS Signals, tracker will locate by LBS, the messages includes the GPS coordinates of the last position in SMS mode, but the LAC in message is the current new position, the location can be seen by inputting the LAC code inthe menu “Manual Track” of web platform. You can also send command address+password to tracker to get newest absolute address and coordinates aswell; tracker will automatically switch to track by location based service inGPRS mode, and actualized on the map of the web server with LBS mark.
  • Monitor(Voice Surveillance)- The command to switch betweenTrack and Monitor are “tracker” and “monitor”. Send SMS with the mode you wantie monitor+password to the tracker and it will reply with “monitor ok”. Thedefault mode is tracker. Then simply call the tracker and listen like a normalphone call to what is being said.
  • Data Logging - When the tracker devices lost GSM signals or fall offline from GPRS,tracker will store the tracking position and alerts automatically inthe flash upon the pre-set condition, when GSM signals get back, all the eventalerts will be auto-sent to the authorized numbers or monitoring platform(server), but the stored tracking data should be loaded to the monitoringplatform via SMS command.
  • Data Load – Send SMS to tracker “load+password+space+year,month,date”and the tracker will load the tracking data for the date you entered.
  • Shock Sensor Alarm – When the tracker detects vibration,it will send SMS with Vibration detected and Geo-info to authorized numbers.The shock sensor detect will detect the vibration and leave it another 3minutesbefore checking again.
  • Geo-Fence – Set up a Geo-Fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district.The unit will send the message to authorized numbers when it breaches thedistrict.
  • Movement Alert – When the unit stays immobile in a place for 3 –10 minutes with GPS Signal reception, the user can send a SMS to the trackerselecting a radius eg 200 meters it will send SMS with “move+coordinates” toauthorized numbers at 3 minutes intervals.
  • Overspeed Alert – Send the code provided to the trackerspecifying the speed limit you want to, when the device goes over that speedyou set it will send a SMS to authorized numbers telling you the speed you setwas broken and the location.
  • SOS Alert – Press the SOS button for 3 seconds it will thensend an SMS to authorized numbers every 3 minutes saying help me+Geo-info.
  • LowBattery Alert – The tracker will send a SMS toauthorized numbers letting you know the battery is running low.
  • GPSBlind Spot Alert – The Device will send SMS toauthorized numbers letting you know the last known location and the signal waslost, it will send another SMS when the signal is regained.
  • Sleep Mode – You can set the device to sleep at a certain time. Calling or SMS will wakethe tracker if no call or SMS is sent the device will turn on by detecting ashock/movement.

In the Package:
X1 GPS/ GSM / GPRS Tracker
Instruction Manual
Plug in Charger (UK PLUG)
Battery Charger
X2 Batteries
Waterproof Carry Case
Software Disk
Changeable backs (magnetic)

Please Note:
Will need a GSM Sim Card
Must be credit on the Sim Card


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