COMBINATION (green/red) MARINE SIDE LIGHT boat yacht port/starboard up to 12 mtr

Product code: NLSDZP

Product information

Combination Side Bi-Colour, Marine Navigation Light
Colour - Green & Red (Starboard & Port)

Bulb - 12V, 5 Watt
Visibility - 2 Nautical Mile

Length - 77MM, Height - 45MM
Front To Back - 100MM
For Vessels - Less Than 12 Metres
Our Marine Navigation Lights Are Made From A Robust Design And Are Engineered To Last. Our Lights Feature An Easy To Change Bulb (Included), Plastic Casing And A Rubber Grommet For Safe Wiring Operation.

This Particular Navigation Light's Photo-Goniometry, Colorimetry And Bulb Have Passed Test And Examination (According To 72 Colregs) Which Is Conducted By American Marine Laboratories INC In USA. Due To The Test And Examination This Navigation Light Has International Rules Approval.
This Navigation Light Has The Connection Wires Protruding From The Bottom Of The Light. This Light Needs To Be Mounted From The Bottom.

Technical specifications

Product Code NLSDZP
Weight 0.224kg