30kgs GALVANISED DANFORTH CRUISING BOAT ANCHOR marine narrowboat yacht sand

Product code: ANC30

Product information

Cruising / Danforth Style Anchor
Size - 30kgs
Overall Length - 1070mm
Overall Width - 790mm
Length Of Fluke - 625mm
Attachment Hole - 17mm
Finish - Hot Dipped Galvanised
The Cruising Anchor Is Designed From The Original Danforth Anchor. The Unique Design And Mechanism Of Being Able To Adjust The Angle Ensures That Optimum Stability And Resistance Can Meet Each Individuals Requirements For The Vessels Needs. These Are Well Known As High Holding Power Anchors.
Cruising / Danforth Style Anchors Are Also Known As 'Crown Stock Anchors'
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Technical specifications

Product Code ANC30
Weight 30kg