250LBS / 113kgs UMBRELLA MUSHROOM SEA ANCHOR marine boat fishfarm ferry sand

Product code: UA250

Product information

Mushroom Umbrella Permanent Anchor
Weight - 250LBS / 113KGS
Shank DIA - 45MM, Eye DIA - 32MM
Shank Height (Below Eye) - 1014MM
Overall Height (Below Eye) - 1150MM
Mushroom Head Length - 625MM
Finish - Painted
Mushroom anchors are used where the vessel is permanently sited (mooring). These are designed to hold the boat in all weathers. These are mainly suited for where the seabed is composed of silt, sand or mud so that the mushroom anchor can sink into the ground. Once this anchor is buried it can hold up to as much as ten times its own weight.

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Technical specifications

Product Code UA250
Weight 113kg