1600kgs ROPE HOIST + 20 METRE ROPE lifting pulling winch 4 x 4 recovery tree

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Product information

The 'ACE' brand rope hoist has been sold in the UK for over 25 years and is regarded as a high quality machine suitable for lifting or pulling
Lifting capacity: 1600kgs / Pulling capacity: 2500kgs

Lightweight and simple to operate
Aluminium alloy body
Shear pin in forward lever that functions at approx. 25% overload. Pins can be replaced without releasing loads
Fitted with anchor bolt
Complete with 20 metre x 11mm dia. wire rope which is fitted with a safety hook
Handle length: 790mm - 1190mm
Machine weighs: 12 kgs / Wire rope 12.5kgs

Technical specifications

Product Code RH16
Weight 28kg