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Model: SFESR-16A-01


1. Automatic High-pressure Water Pump

Non-leak, high quality SEAFLO 21 series automatic diaphragm pump with maximum flow rate 2.6LPM, 70 PSI, micro switch or reflux switch and working current 1.6A- for water resistance and reliability.

2. Battery- Energy saving and environmental protection

Low noise, no emission, Lead acid battery without maintenance, one charge less than 1 KWH, which can meet more than Six hours of work.

3. Battery Charger 

Configure the 14V / 1A quick charger for 12V / 4A battery. It can be charged in the shortest time.

4. Battery Cover - Easy to replace the parts 

One-click button to open the battery cover to replace battery in 30 seconds with no tools.

5. Water Inlet Filter 

Can effectively prevent water impurities into the pump.

6. Back Strap 

With heavy-duty padding for strength, comfort and safety.

7. Back Cushion 

More comfortable to carry, spray and irrigation more easily.

8. Lance Clips Beside 

Ensures neat storage and avoids lance dragging on the ground.

9. Water Hose - 1.2M
10. Efficient Charging Stand 

Initiation in China,battery charging stand for take away charging allow continuously spray 220 liters (standard double nozzle) by Charging 3 hours. For longer and continuous work can replace the battery at any time.

11. Handel Switch 

Lock-on spray function on the spray gun with in-built pressure filter to avoid nozzle blockages.

12. Simple Operation

A key to start, sensor switch, can operate without experience.

13. Compact tructure 

small size, light weight, Superior ergonomic features design, flexible and comfortable in operation.

14. Easy Maintenance 

After using, fill the fresh water and turn on the pump to drain. It can be stored after charge. Every 3 to 6 months need to be charged if you don’t use it for a long time.

16 L Tank Strong, easy to clean blow mold UV Stabilized PE tank for long life
Circuits All circuits are used with quick coupling fittings can be connected and dismantled quickly
3-stageFiltration Large filling screen under lid; large suction filter; pressure filter in lance handle
Large Filling Lid Helps prevent spillage when filling
Duty Cycle Intermittent
Sprayer Lance Rugged lance with angled nozzle holder for perfect spray distribution at the correct height
Adjustable Single Nozzle According to the different use of the environment, adjusting the spray volume size
Fan Nozzle Sprinklers can spread out the water in the middle, increase the spray range
Double Nozzle Increase the spray range, reduce the spray time